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Play Marbles of Olympus online for free

Mythical Adventure Game

Marbles of Olympus is an exciting game that helps players to test and build their skills. Players have to be ready to face some of the best marble players in each empire. To be successful in Marbles of Olympus, players have to be in control and maintain a sharp mind to be able to counter the best moves. Players progressively earn respect as they continue winning through different empires. The character Zeus makes the game attractive by offering players some extras in order to alter the chances of winning.

How to play the game


Players must have broad skills and strategies in order to win Marbles of Olympus. Players must overcome the 4 mythological figures. Each win enables players to earn their advice and receive marble tokens. In the end, players must face Zeus, and the only way to win against him is by having Mount Olympus on their side. Players are required to clear the marble paths as fast as possible before their rolling marbles reach the exit. Marbles of Olympus is a fast-paced adventure game

play marbles-of-olympus

that requires players to think and act extremely fast to be able to clear each level within the allocated time. Marbles of Olympus has a catapult, which is controlled by one’s mouse. Players must fire marbles towards the marbles of fate to clear the marble paths. Players fire marbles by clicking their mouse; however, to clear two or more rolling marbles of the same color that are next to each other requires players to fire marbles of the same color.

Players can select between two different marbles by pressing the space bar. Switching marbles can be repeated several times, but players have to be exceptionally fast to get the right color to fire.